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September 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

Week 7 started out in Yellowstone, and was, in a word, incredible. We spent cold, early mornings watching the sunrise and looking for wolves.   

We made friends with some of the diligent wolf watchers (who happened to have way better scopes and binoculars than we did) and got to catch peeks of their views.  And in the case of Howard, (who I initially thought must be this amazing wildlife photographer) I got to use his big zoom lens to help him see what we were seeing, because he literally couldn't see.  But he was there all the same, and stoked.  If you could adopt extra grandparents, he'd be it. 

The different landscapes and the vast array of wildlife in Yellowstone was amazing.  From wide open valleys full of bison, to numerous erupting springs, and breath-takingly stinky springs, insanely colorful landscapes, streams where elk roam and lakes, mountains and forest.  I was really smitten with all this park had to offer.  

It didn't hurt that we were able to experience a once in a lifetime kind of national geographic live situation involving a grizzly bear, the carcass of a young elk and a rare white wolf.  I will tell this particular story in more depth when I am back on solid ground, but I cant help but share this teaser from our 7 (yes, seven) hour stint watching these magnificent creatures.  

Due to some pretty intense (however,"contained") wildfires, our route leaving Yellowstone to head to the Tetons took a bit of a detour that landed us in Idaho for a night.  We found an incredible campsite (or rather cow field) for the night and enjoyed the beautiful farmland, and incredible night sky that was Idaho.  

Made it to Jackson Hole where we did everything from seeing the local rodeo & dancing at cowboy bars to getting massages and enjoying a spa day! Really loved the town and the vibe here - where you're super close to amazing hiking in the mountains and great coffee and shops and food in the town.  Breakfast one morning at Lotus Cafe was particularly overwhelming when I was faced an almost entirely gluten free spread that included biscuits and bison gravy, belgian waffles with blueberry ginger compote & donuts made in house.  Thats right, I ate all of it.  I am not sorry.  

The week ended on Sunday with an AMAZING view at the top of a canyon above Green River Wyoming getting as close as I could to a family of wild horses & falling completely in love.

Next is Colorado and its getting hotter, I can feel Texas coming.

Love from the road, 




Grandma McCord(non-registered)
Dear Girls, I really enjoyed our visit today and it's ALL amazing! The photos, the adventure and the commentary. I can't wait to see what you will do with this in the future.
Love, Grandma McCord (via Aunt Shelby's laptop ;-)
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