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Colorado cruisin

September 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

Spent most of week 8 enjoying the great state of Colorado.  Hot springs and red rocks and breweries and some incredible hospitality.

We had some rain in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but that didn't stop us from doing a couple beautiful hikes to lakes where the birch trees were already changing color, beautiful golden yellows.  The Rockies, of all the mountain ranges we have seen are pretty spectacular and massive, and the drive through the park was both difficult, (Goldie's sweet spot up a hill is right around 30mph, so we were chuggin along), and incredibly rewarding.  

Had some great recommendations from our good friend from Boulder and we had a great time there! Food and drinks & caramel apples & more excellent thriftstore finds (including an incredible Beyonce-esque one piece that I regrettably let slip through my fingers).  We also did a pretty tough hike up the Sanitas trail and I realized that despite weeks of hiking and not having my pack I was still really struggling to breathe up this mountain.  The elevation here is intense.  

Every once in a while when we visited a city that we wanted to go out in, we had to find a semi-inconspicuous place to park, in a neighborhood and sleep for the night.  This went well for us for the most part and we weren't bothered by anyone or awoken in the night and asked to GTFO.  So when we got to Boulder we decided we'd park it in a nice, quiet, historic neighborhood, walking distance to all the restaurants and bars, on the side of someones property. We came "home" to Goldie around midnight, went to sleep and awoke early to unfamiliar sounds.  Now remember, we are used to waking up surrounded by birds, maybe deer, elk, bunnies, wild horses, cows even.  All of their respective sounds, mixed with the soft shushes of the forest, familiar.  Children shouting, running, laughing, mom's chatting about schedules and pta meetings and dads scolding kids, "no, you cant play with RV," unfamiliar, jolting, in fact.  I sat up in bed, (well there is really no sitting up in bed when you've got the top bunk and you're 6 feet tall, so I crunched over, rather) to look down at Leyna who is laying still, and mouths to me, "don't move."  So we wait (at this bus stop!) for the chaos to subside and the moms and dads to disperse back to their homes, before we can move a muscle and start our day like the vagabond, street sleepers we are.  

And then, just like that, as if nothing happened at all we are cruising to Denver, to see the Dixie Chicks (who even after all these years, were incredible)!  

Denver was great, and such a break from our regular routine, we stayed with Leyna's cousin & his family.  Got to drive a regular sized car, which was an experience all in itself (why are we so low to the ground!? how are we going so fast?! lets parallel park right in front of where we are going!).  The hot showers, and warm beds & home-made cookies didn't hurt either.  What a treat! And a HUGE thanks again to Chad & Betsy and Molly for being so incredibly welcoming! 


Leaving Denver was bittersweet.  We knew we were now on the road home but we also knew we weren't in a hurry. So we spent the next few days soaking up every last bit of nature and wander we could.  

We hit our first major storms in New Mexico and then Palo Duro Canyon, where it rained through the nights, lightning so bright and thunder so crashing loud that you couldn't sleep. And yet, how calming, peaceful, refreshing it was to experience some real weather after weeks of nothing but sunshine and calm.     

And so you realize that sometimes, you're just stuck inside in the rain.  And that there really are treasures at the end of a rainbow. 

And that roadrunners, do exist. 

And so, from our final campsite, in Voss, Texas.  We wander home. 

Love from the road, 




aunt shelby(non-registered)
Sad to see the journey end but i know there's another one around the corner for y'all! God bless!
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