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Portland and berries and beaches...

August 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

The time is flying by.  Its crazy how much ground we've covered and at the same time how much it feels like we may have missed.  This week brought us strangely into territory that felt like the southwest again.  Maybe it was just a hot day, but Smith Rock in Oregon was brutal, sun beating down on red rock just like the southwest. There was, however, a river.  This made it different.  And despite the sweating, it was beautiful.  


We excitedly headed towards Portland, for cooler temps and the booze and food and all things weird. Quick (totally worth it) stop on the way at Multnomah Falls was amazing.  Super high waterfall (I believe, second highest in the US) with a lower area as well as a bridge you can hike up to.  I guess one time there was a wedding party taking photos there and a humongous (like probably small house, RV sized) chunk of rock fell into the mid-pond area causing a tidal wave that crashed over the bridge and injured a bunch of people.  This did not happen during my visit.  Thank goodness Grandma is lighting candles for my safety!

Rolling into Portland was immediately like Austin, in that we were stuck in traffic.  As soon as that broke up, it was unlike Austin (or anywhere else Ive ever been) in that we checked out the International Rose Test Garden. A beautiful landscape of thousands of rose-buds and hundreds of different kinds and colors of roses.  The smells and colors and vibes at this park were incredible.  I have never seen roses this big or fragrant or plentiful.  Seriously. A sight.  

The next couple days in Portland -- thanks to our great friend Jamie's sound advice on all things food and booze in Oregon -- we ate, we drank and we perused this very Austin similar town.  It  was great -- we have had such excellent weather thus far and it was no different here.  Sunny skies and cool breezes.  Also lets talk about berries. Oregon has invented a bunch of its own (or they have always been this way and I just didnt know) special berries and we were on the hunt for all things 'Marionberry" & "mountain huckleberry".   I may or may not have even went was far as eating several berries from the forest while hiking.  I am not sorry, they were delicious and I am still alive (thanks again Grandma).   Powell books (the flagship store) was amazing, and we could have easily spent an entire day here.  *Please note: we do not waste food.  90% of the time we are mid-western, plate scrapin' ladies and we put it away.  The meal shown below was at Bollywood, in Portland and was more than enough for Leyna and I, and, as pictured, it  disappeared. It was excellent.  

This is where the week got real interesting.  We ended up outside of Portland, in wine county, which was incredibly lovely.  There is this thing that happens in small towns where the locals talk and we happened to be listening.  We heard about this "old fashioned fest" that happens in Newberg, Oregon and this year was themed, Christmas in July.  Everyone was going to be there.  Including the local bar crowd one town over and so there was pretty much no way we were going to miss it.  Bright and early Saturday morning we hit the Rotary clubs all you can eat pancake breakfast and that was just the beginning of a day full of parade, cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade, dream catchers, kettle corn & general merriment.  Also we got sunburned. 

Full of  small town charm and sugar we left Newberg and headed for the coast.  I absolutely love the beach and the water.  Ive always thought someday I would live close to the ocean.  I am enamored by it.  We  had an excellent dinner at Sand Dollar and watched the sun set in Rockaway beach Saturday night and I could have stayed there forever.  

Ready for more of the coast, we hit Cannon beach, home of the famous Goonies treasure and incredible.  Its somehow even better that it was cloudy and foggy, I dont think it would look quite as good in the sunshine.  We also spent an afternoon in Astoria, cruising the local Sunday farmers market and watching boats come in and enjoying a cool day that called for layers and sweaters.   




Its been a great week -- let me leave you with some campsite photos, because we have been finding the coolest free spots to camp!  The white flowers were some of my favorites growing up, they used to spring up beside our house and back in the pasture.  We camped at a spot this week that was covered in them.  Super dreamy in the sunset. 



Oh, I almost forgot, we also saw Mount St. Helens.  Real life volcano + tiny cloud poof (because she is obviously dramatic).  


Love from the road, 




PS.  We have a cold refrigerator again!!! There are eggs and bacon and cheese and happy campers!!! 







Aunt Susan(non-registered)
Thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL pictures. Love reading your posts. Have fun and be safe
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