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Montana sky

August 25, 2016  •  2 Comments

This week started out at an amazing campsite on the edge of a cliff in ear and eye shot of Wapta Falls, a roaring waterfall down below.  We were outside of Banff national park.  I slept with the windows open that night and let it lull me to sleep. Nothing like falling asleep every night in the thick of nature, on a comfy bed.  RV life is where its at.


Banff was beautiful and we did hikes in Lake Louise and the park & shopped around the city.  We stocked up on sweaters for the upcoming chilly weather in Montana, as well as sweets from the candy shop (which it turns out is a travel must-have) & goodies from the farmers market.  I will never tire of the mountain views, and climbing to glaciers.  The water in the lakes and rivers near any mountain we've been to is more blue and clear than anything I had previously experienced and has without a doubt ruined all other bodies of water for me.  

We were allowed back into the US via Montana and rolled into St. Marys area of Glacier national park.  Spent our second rainy day thus far at a campsite outside of the park catching up on laundry and trying to stay warm.  The rain cleared up later in the evening, but we had our first night with temps around freezing! With great weather for the next couple of days, we explored Glacier.  One of my favorites places, thus far.  We saw so much wildlife and so many amazing views in such a short span of time.  

Hit another snag this week, on our way out of Glacier.  We had planned to camp somewhere on our way to Bozeman, MT and were cruising down the road in the middle of beautiful Montana countryside, commenting on it being just what we thought, big sky and big fields and not much else.  THWAAAACKK--ACKKK-ACKKK!  We blow the tread off another tire.  

We pull off the road and inspect, its the inner one on the drivers side.  We are scheming, and checking things and figuring out the next move when a really sweet older couple pulls over to check on us.  We decide to proceed slowly for a few a miles (since we have dualies in the back), but ultimately not feeling good about driving it anymore we pull over again, ready to call AAA to come tow us the 50 miles to the next town, or at least put our spare on.  Within two minutes of getting off the road the universe sends us two great guys who are on their way home from work and offer to change the tire for us!!  We were back on the road in the next 30 minutes and as if we werent already lucky enough, the guy who runs the tire shop in the next town offered to come back into the shop (after he had already closed) to get us a new tire and get us back on the road!  Incredible small town hospitality and kindness in Choteau, MT.  People dont talk enough about the generosity of others.  We live in a world where we are taught to be afraid of so many things and in embarking on this journey so  many people emphasized our need to be careful and be safe and be prepared.  While we can be aware of things and not naive to the evils in the world, I will no longer allow that fear to dictate my plans.  There is so much good in the world! 

Ended this epic adventure of a week taking it easy in Bozeman where we stumbled on a classic car show downtown, lots of good food and drink & some pretty friendly locals.  Now we are off to Yellowstone!   


Love from the road, 



Amanda Hoffman Art
I got teary---love that you are learning & loving so much! Proud of you & love you so much! :) xoxoxo Aunt Rose (why does it say Amanda Hoffman Art? Must have pushed the wrong thing---oy!
Aunt shelby(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute to the folks that have crossed your path and the goodness in the world. Thank you for giving us all a glimpse of love and light and hope for tomorrow.
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