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Canadian invasion.

August 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Week 5 started out at a rad little diner in Seattle, Luna cafe, complete with super old juke boxes at each individual table - ours unfortunately did not withstand the test of time and played us no music.  Said a sad farewell to our third wheel and headed immediately for the ocean!  

Fun fact: you can stay at most casinos in the US for free in your RV so we found one next to the beach and set up camp! Took a foggy beach walk and collected lots of perfect sand dollars in the morning.


Did you know Washington is home to a whole bunch of rainforest?! Awesome to walk through this lush oasis.  

Next comes the fun part.  In Seattle we joked about buying a barge and turning our RV into a house boat.  Seemed logical enough, so we decided to test it out with a little ferry ride over to Victoria and Vancouver Island.  Lovely trip.  We may or may not have seen a walrus.  (Leyna swears there were tusks).  It was definitely something, though we will probably never know what exactly.  What I am sure of is that is was not a whale and that despite blasting the Free Willy soundtrack as we got on and off the boat the whales decided not to show themselves to us this time around. Major bummer. [Big thanks to Gavin for the cd which got us pumped on childhood memories and opened alot of deep discussion regarding whether that movie would still be as good if we watched it now]

Totally enjoyed the island, great food and drinks in Victoria, drank too much wine at a bar as we got completely engulfed in our first glimpses of the Olympics, and the next day found an amazing lake campsite.  Spent an awesome day on Lake Cowichan soaking in the sun, swimming and taking in the scenery.  Days like this are great.  We spend alot of time moving around, either physically hiking, walking, exploring, or behind the wheel cruising and planning the next steps.  Having a still day or afternoon to really enjoy where we are is incredible.  Sidenote: Canada was hot.  We were all, "load up the sweaters and the blankets! We'll need 'em in Canada!"  Not true.  I got a sunburn.  (back in the states however [in real-time 8-18-2016, we just rolled into Montana today] we are currently testing out the RV heater, our thermal sleeping bags and prepping for lows of 29 degrees!!)  


Had a tough call to make after our island adventure, rolled into Vancouver late on Friday night and due to logistics decided to skip the city.  We instead drove up to Whistler where we stumbled upon a major mountain biking competition happening and had a great time!  Well to be honest, we earned our great time, by first hiking up Grouse Mountain (Grouse Grind, as it is affectionately named).  Its a 2800 ft climb over 1.8 miles, basically all "steps" carved into the landscape.  Lucky for us, this is a one way journey and you must ride the gondola back down, which was great because legs = jello. 

Enjoyed a walk around Rainbow park before heading out of Whistler on our long ride to Banff.  Gorgeous spot.  

Canada, in general, is beautiful. And you never forget where you are, since there is a maple leaf on everything. That and the credit card machines are bonkers, we've decided one in five Canadians has a personal card-swiper, which somehow still isnt enough as they always seem to need to get one from somewhere.  Also had some initial trouble with speed-limits, so we made a cheat-sheet post-it for the dash. 30kmph=17mph, $10Canadian=$7.50American, 4m=12ft (Goldie needs an 11' clearance height), unfortunately when paying for minutes in the RV park shower, there is no conversion, 5min Canadian=5min American and is not enough time. 

Heading to Banff to start off the next week, let the Canadian shenanigans continue!  

Love from the road, 



Aunt Rose(non-registered)
I found it! Love every word of your blog! What is on the front of your camper grill...on the last pic ? Xo
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