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And we're off...

July 21, 2016  •  7 Comments

Wow!  I cannot believe that 11 days have passed since we left Austin.  If its possible time is moving equally quickly and slowly.  There are things we did some mornings that by night feel like they happened days ago.  We've covered alot of ground in not much time are and are still easing into our groove of road life.  Driving long distances in your home, through the desert, with out AC has proven to be incredibly beautiful, strenuous and sweaty.  The road trip CDs (most of which were an insanely awesome gift ya'll have shared with us) have been blaring over the noise of the wind as we sing along!  

WhiteSandsWhiteSands WhiteSandsWhiteSands

Week one was lots of driving, making it out of Texas alone is quite a feat, and on day one, with tread coming off our tires near Fort Stockton, we almost didnt.   Nice little RV park to sleep at, greasy diner breakfast and two new tires later we were back on the road.  Took a short break from the road at White Sands Monument, New Mexico to roast in the sun and learn about the different animal prints in the sand.  

Sleeping in National Parks along our route (which in most cases, is free btw, and so far not overly crowded) was an awesome break from the desert heat and even led to us busting out our sleeping bags to keep warm at night!  Not to mention all of the wildlife, deer, elk, bunnies that just sort of do their thing all around us, while we do ours.  Had a break from days full of driving when we made it to Bryce Canyon, Zion & the Grand Canyon.  This was my first time at all of these spots and I'll just say, that it is pretty awesome feeling that small.  The landscape and the colors are incredible and the vastness of the canyons was truly breathtaking!    

Lincoln National ForestLincoln National Forest

While the sights have been amazing and we've kept very busy from early morning until our new bedtime of 930pm (we are really embracing the old, retired vibes -- dinner early, bed early, awake early) there have definitely also been challenges. Like a fridge that has yet to get cold & a gas cap that had to be broken off with a crowbar.  We never have cell service, let alone wi-fi (even this RV park where I am currently writing from, might as well have dial-up).  But its great.  And we are easing in.   We know how to hook-up and fill up and cook on our stove and get the water hot, there are perfect cut outs in our fancy wood dash for our phones, our beds our cozy and the Franzia tap is full.  Learning everyday and embracing the journey.  

First meal on the stovetopFirst meal on the stovetop

Sending love from the road, 



Dorothy Caldwell
no AC? needed new tires?! ugh!!
Joanne(non-registered) have done soooo much in 11 days.
Aunt Susan(non-registered)
Love the pictures and how we can see your trip through your eyes. Safe travels
Auntie R(non-registered)
Love the water bottle!
sounds like you're taking in the good, the bad, and the's all an adventure and the bad and ugly will make the best stories!
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