Player 3 enters the game...

August 08, 2016  •  2 Comments

We started week 4 with our first rain (the only rain in 23 days!).  We had plans to hike at Mt Rainier and decided not to let the rain & cold and cloudy weather stop us.  This was a beautiful decision.  Watching clouds roll in and out of the mountains around us was incredible.  The fields of wild flowers around the mountains, covered in raindrops, and the glimpses of mountains and trees through thick fog made for gorgeous scenes.  

(this guy was so cute -- we are making new friends everywhere we go!)

We rolled into Seattle on Wednesday and spent Thursday exploring Pike market & the city.  Found some great little restaurants and bars.  ChaCha's, a red-lit, tiki/punk bar in a basement being the fan favorite.  

Things got quite the shake up Friday morning as westwewander hosted our first guest.  Picking someone up from the airport in an RV is a fun experience for all parties involved, probably more so for the person being scooped, but we were super excited to have Alex roll with us for a few days.  We went straight from the airport to the forest east of Seattle and spent the weekend climbing mountains, building upside down fires, swimming in glacier fed lakes, drinking Franzia and basking in the pure joy of Washington nature.  

We are officially in full-on "self-sufficient" mode and have been keeping the fridge stocked and the stove burning.  We've traded in our daily greasy diner fare for RV-home cooking (although we are still indulging on the good stuff every once in a while).  

Things are working great (we even tried out the heater this week!) and we did some fixes (note: fixing sewer hoses and black water tanks are not for the faint of heart) that will make the rest of the trip go more smoothly.  Currently stealing wi-fi from Starbucks and planning ferries into BC for later in the week!  Look out Canada, we comin'! 


Love from the road, 


Serf 'n Terf(non-registered)
This looks like so much fun! Keep having it! Miss you two <3
Aunt Shelby(non-registered)
Oh Canada! Glad you gals have your heat ready and your wool socks handy. You're off to more glorious adventures for sure!
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